If you have reasonable suspicion that a child has been abused, or if you have been abused in the past, whether in the Church or anywhere else, do the right thing: Make the report. Call 911 or ,click here for instructions.

Arizona Charitable Tax Credit

Give the gift of hope and reduce what you pay in state income tax

The Arizona Charitable Tax Credit makes it possible for you to donate to Catholic Community Services and receive a dollar for- dollar credit that will reduce your Arizona state income tax. And you don’t need to itemize deductions on your state return to claim the credit. The Charitable Tax Credit* is in addition to and completely separate from any school tax credit. For more info, visit www.ccs-soaz.org or call (520) 670-0854.

*$400 maximum credit for married couples filing jointly; $200 for an individual filer.
St. Frances Cabrini Roman Catholic Church
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Tucson, AZ 85716 
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Let nothing disturb you, Nothing frighten you. All things are passing. God never changes.
Patient endurance attains all things. Whoever possesses God lacks nothing, God alone is sufficient.  —St. Teresa of Ávila


The Books "Homilies From The Heart" [Years  A,  B and/or C] by Father Bob

proceeds benefit Catholic Worker House, Casa Maria, South Tucson, AZ

Dear Friends,

Welcome to the Parish Faith Community of St. Frances Cabrini Church.

We hope that this website will encourage you to join us in the many spiritual, social and educational activities which our parish church offers

As you will discover in your reading, ours is a very vibrant and spiritual faith community. We need all of the gifts and talents that God has invested in each of you. You may come from another faith community that offered other wonderful opportunities for prayer, worship, education and sociability. We value your experiences and suggestions, as we are eager to learn.

The ministries you will find listed provide varying opportunities for each of us to share our talents and to serve one another. Each member of the community is invited to contribute in his or her own way.

Please take time to read the following pages. If there is a ministry or organization that interests you, feel free to call the Parish Office for the name of the contact person.

We welcome you with the words of St. Paul: "I will always mention you in my prayers and thank God for you, because I hear of the love and the faith which you have for the Lord Jesus and for all the saints. I pray that this faith will give rise to a sense of fellowship that will show you all the good things that we are able to do for Christ."  (Philemon 1:4-7) and with the motto of Mother Cabrini: "I can do all things in God who strengthens me."  (Philippians 4:13)

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